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Thread: Can not reuse tape after locking/unlocking

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    Angry Can not reuse tape after locking/unlocking

    I am tearing my hair out!! Hopefully someone out there can help me.

    I'm using a Sony HDV 1080i camera with a HD tape.

    I locked my tape (slider on side) before capturing successfully on Final Cut Pro.

    When I tried to playback my tape in the camera, nothing happens! The screen stays blue and the timecode doesn't budge from 00-00-00. In the camera mode, it doesn't even detect the tape.

    I removed the tape and put the slider back to REC and reinserted it - but it made no difference.

    I'm a newbie at this stuff and am a bit worried because the tape just doesn't seem to be responding to the camera anymore.

    I tried another tape and it was fine.

    I don't know what i've done wrong!! Help!!

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    Does the tape need rewinding. Sorry to ask.

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    no, when I try to rewind/forward the timecode gets stuck on 1 or 2mins.

    In camera mode, it doesn't even register that a tape is inserted. The 'no tape' symbol keeps flashing up.

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    If you can try it in a different camera. I guess if it doesn't work then it could be a duff tape. Is that better than being a duff user. lol

    One thought, if there is nothing recorded on the tape the numbers won't change.

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    may because you locked it so no recording happened...
    I am much worried about your camera motors, are they still working because when you say you locked it and used for recording I am thinking that your motor was forcing your tape to run but it was locked which may break your tape or motor... just asking hehhe!

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