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Thread: Advice on new HD camcroder needed

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    Default Advice on new HD camcorder needed

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking at buying a HD camcorder and I'm after some advice.

    I have been looking at the Canon Legria HF200, although it's not so good low light shooting (although it has a video lamp ) and lack of spot focussing is slightly off putting.

    I have also looked at the Sony HDR-CX11E, this is apparently good in low light and also has a 'night vision' mode, it also has spot focussing, but doesn't have control over shutter speed or aperture nor the ability to record progressive-scan video, Sony's memory sticks are also more expensive than SD.

    So, I'm basically after something that combines these two cameras together.
    Maybe I'm being a bit optimistic here?

    Somebody please help me!

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