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Thread: Cannot launch Studio 12

  1. Default Cannot launch Studio 12

    This is after a complete format of C: drive. Tried uninstall/reinstall but still no joy. Computer exceeds the recommended specs.
    When it did run before the format it ran like a slug but it did manage to produce a DVD at the end. Unlike some other poor saps on this forum. S9 had it`s demons but 12 has got the father of demons, Satan himself. The patience is tattered tollerating this incompentent software.

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    That'll teach you to move from Vegas.

    Seriously. I've never come across not being able to open the program at all. Obviously there is a problem with either the installation. OR your system is missing something. You said it was a clean start with the OS. Did you get all the up to date drivers for your hardware etc....

    Pinnacle tend to have a lot of Patches have you got all of them OR at least the ones you need. I remember they had a patch for something to do with the graphics card handling. Also have you tried running it in compatible mode for an older OS, not that you should need to but may be worth a try.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    That'll teach you to move from Vegas.
    You`re funny Blue. But I still have Vegas. But I did do yet another format and reinstall but this time I installed S12 before any of the security was installed and it did load and run a lot quicker and behaved itself much better but I haven`t tried it yet after installing all the security. Be interesting to see what it runs like now that the security has been installed. The tip might be to turn off all your security before running S12.

    Thanks Blue.

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