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    Hi there, had vegas platinum for 1 year now, i manage quite well but only because of family and friends, i find the contents "help" unusable for me, i am a very interested pensioner so please bear with me but there are so many questions, maybe younger people can help me
    1 -i can make my films ok but when i go into Architect Studio, everything goes to pot, multiple copies, everything is untitled, i can usually get 1dvd out plus the 2nd one, but have no idea how, and when i go back for another, its an untitled headache.
    2 Can i render and produce my DVds from Sony vegas Platinum without going to architect studio. please dont ask me to look at contents, there is nothing here i can relate to, thats why ive turned to forums, i have a few other little issues, but this architect studio has got me seeing untitled in my sleep, thanks for any help

    ps maybe i should be using another editing product

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    I'd agree with you that DVD Architect (and, by extension, Architech Studio) is not the most intuitive product, though it is pretty powerful.
    Vegas Help is actually some of the best help I've ever seen supplied with a product - but it's perhaps better for detail than for "how to".
    I presume you've looked at the interactive tutorials (under "help" in the menu).
    Another good source of instruction are the Manuals - downloadable from

    I've not looked at it but create some very good instructional video DVDs and they have one for DVD Architect.

    Failing that, if you really cannot get on with DVDA, I'd urge you not to give up on Sony Vegas itself, but to look at using a different DVD authoring package. That way you won't waste what you've already learned about editing in Vegas.

    As I use DVDA I'm not really in a position to recommend alternatives, but I'm sure others on the forum will.

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    Nero use to be a good stable and intuitive DVD burning product. I haven't used it in years but I'm sure it'll be worth a look if you just want to create a simple DVD without fancy menus.

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    Douglas Spotted Eagle and John Rofrano from VASST published an excellent guide called "Instant Vegas Movie Studio + DVD" which should deal with all your problems and lead you on to even greater things. It covers Vegas as well as making a DVD using DVDA and I found it a great help when I started.

    Good Luck,


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    I swear almost every week that I'm done with DVDA. It can be a tremendously frustrating programme. So far, I've not found a replacement. TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 is pretty good, but seems a bit limiting. However, if you want to create a DVD/Blu-ray fairly quickly from one of the built in templates, I can recommend it. There's a trial available, and some very good tutorials on their website.

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    Thanks very much all, i have no problems with sony vegas, its just this dvda, everything is untitled ?. it recognises nothing, does it have its own files and folders to store dvds youv worked on, when i go at a later date to make another dvd, file is invalid so i have to go through the procedure of rendering on Vegas then tranfering to DVDA, at this rate i dont have enough years left. I use Sony HD1080 Video Camera, results on DVD are super, i also have 70 8mm tapes i,m currently digitizing to HDD storage, i wont give up on Vegas, but this DVDA is causing a huge bottleneck, you mentioned another way to produce a DVD from Vegas, i think i must go this way but that could be another learning curve ta everyone

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    When you have finished your edit, render out to MPEG2 (Use DVD compatibility template)

    Open DVD-A make sure he template is the same as you video (eg PAL, NTSC) and the audio is the same as the render (PCM, AC3)

    drop the MPEG2 file into DVD-A Untiled page and the the clip will be there on the page.
    go to FILE and SAVE and give a name to the project.

    When you have designed the page and named if required, MAKE DVD there should be no messages or re-rendering if the file rendered from Vegas is correct.

    Make DVD, chose folder, let it get on with it and then burn

    The saved DVD-A file should be where you left it for next time to burn an additional DVD
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    Thanks a million Z Cheema, will definately give that a try, any help here is very much appreciated, your answer is more informative to me than DVD-A online help, plain and simple... many thanks again

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    Thanks again Z Cheema, first , i hope im using the forum ok, first time ive been on one. ive picked up more in a few days in this forum than 1 year trying to understand the Sony handbook, which seems to assume everybody is a 4th year graduate in movie making. Sony Vegas is good, and i can get round it well, but eveything iknow about it, i stumbled upon it by chance, it would seem by your interpretation that i am transfering my movies into DVD-A and not titling them or saving and this is where im going wrong i will proceed as you said in your last post, and many thanks for your last post, im sure to find something interesting here, at the end of the day i just want a simple DVD that my old mates can put in their players and press play, no fancy frills or menus, as an old novice i have more issues, but thats down the line ,, gratefull

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