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    Hello, I am starting up a website fully dedicated to learning, teaching, and sharing videos made with Pinnacle Studio. I am looking for moderators for the forums. People who are extremely knowledgeable about Pinnacle and are willing to help. On the site one can post their videos and have people comment on them and learn from them. If anyone is interested in joining please go to:The Pinnacle Studio How To Site - Home

    If you have questions, you can email me or reach me through the site. Thank you.

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    What your site needs is content rather than moderators. Building a website takes hard work, a lot of time, and commitment. Building a forum either takes all of the above, or sits in a niche area, ripe for the picking. These days, this is paricularly hard given the power of existing social networks sites that soon pick up on trends. At the moment, you've got neither. You need to invest your own time building content to attract people to start a community. In a year or so, you might need some moderators.

    Or, if you don't have the time to build content, you could become a regular poster at an existing forum. What do you want to get out of your site?

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    before I found this site, there was absolutely no information out there about using Pinnacle, particularly for beginners. I teach a class to children in my community and I teach them Pinnacle and I was hoping to give them another resource outside of school so they could grow as movie makers. Of course, I could not manage to answer everyone's question all the time, especially once the site grows. That is why I scoured the internet and came here and solicited help. Much of the information on this site is too advanced or too distracting for children.

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    Totally agree with Marc on this one. There are a number of good tutorials on Youtube and Pinnacle have their own forum. I am using studio 12 Ultimate it has its moments but over all not bad. Only problem, my graphics card is not up to running Pro Dad.

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