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    Hello, Im a new video user. How I can make a road trail over a map on video. some software exists that does it
    Thanks. :

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    i think you posted this in the wrong subject, but
    1.) get a blank photo of the map
    2) draw the arrow on in the direction that you want the line to be going, and save as a different file..
    3) open almost any video soft ware and place the to photos in a timeline next to each other.
    4) place a wipe in between the photos and make it wipe in the direction that you want it to move...
    then save as a video and that is it...

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    That works if the route line is straight, but if the route doubles back on itself the wipe might reveal the end as it reveals the begining, sort of thing.

    you could do the animation in Flash or similar software, and export as .AVI so you can import it into an editing package.

    I had a go at doing something similar in Premiere 6 using a Track Matte, (which I didn't have a clue about until I read this thread).

    The result should be attached as a wmv file, my first attempt at using a matte, needs a bit of work, I basically followed the instructions in the thread above and the Premiere Help file. (if it's helpful I can go through exactly what I did)

    I'm not sure what software you have, but it should be possible to do in most decent packages I guess.

    There are probably better ways to do it, but the best software for it is a good editing app, or an animation program like Flash, and if you know what your doing and want professional results try After Effects or something.

    Good Luck.
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