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Thread: Video but no Audio, Vegas 8

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    Default Video but no Audio, Vegas 8

    Sorry I'm new and I know you guys probably already have gotten a lot of these, but I couldn't find one that would help me so I'm asking again. I've read through a lot of the post trying to figure it out but I can't.

    I'm doing a project for school and I'm importing an .avi file into Sony Vegas 8. The Video is appear and it all good and fine, but the audio isn't.

    I can't even get a track.

    Can someone help me?

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    "An avi file" is not the whole story. The video and the audio streams in that file may be one of many formats.
    Firstly, does the PC you're running Vegas on play the avi OK in various media players? If not then look at the file, not Vegas.
    Download the free utility "GSpot". Open the file in this. That will tell you all sorts of useful info about the contents of the avi - especially in this case the format of the audio stream.

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