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    Default Title Sequence

    A short title sequence, crediting the few people who made it

    Editing in the first shot was a bit rushed.

    [ame=""]Abandoned - Title Sequence on Vimeo[/ame]
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    3d text fx are naff unless perfect in every way - here it added little.

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    first i have to say, awesome creativity! i have seen this done a few times in motion films..i think you did an awesome job!

    but to be honest, i think the first one doesn't work too well. it seems that the video is a little out of focus (nothing wrong with that) but when combined with a sharp title fonts, it looks out of place.

    as for the second credit, a similar thing. the video looks like some great film footage with nice DOF, looks nostalgic, but the sharp and bold font doesn't blend well for me

    as for the third credit, i thought that worked the best. i don't know why.

    but i still think its awesome! have no idea how you did it, but i think it can really does make you want to read the credits when u introduce 3d and try to gel them with the video!

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    I liked to one on the book but the other two where a bit weak for 3D text.

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    Pretty scenes.

    I am not an expert, but here is a thought...

    There are many programs which can create 3d text and overlay them into video. That is the easy part.

    Making it appear part of a real scene requires the text complies with the real world. Does it's geometry agree with the focal length and depth of field as the camera lens. Does it correctly receive or cast shadows?

    Sadly, I was not convinced the lettering was "real". They looked like odd looking Titles placed in unusual places. But well worth doing as an experiment.

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    Thanks ALOT for your feedback

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