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Thread: Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0 (output .mts)

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    Default Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0 (output .mts)

    Hi guys. I have a JVC HD300 Everio camcorder. The files it records in are .mts

    Movie Studio HD 9.0 can open these files fine, and I can crop them (thats the main reason I bought the program) and do other stuff etc.

    When it comes time to save my work, it will only seem to let me save it as .avi and .wmv to name a few, but there is no option to save as .mts.

    Why is this?

    Also, when I do a direct upload to youtube via Vegas, once on youtube, my videos are in 480p which obviously isnt what I want, Id like 720 or more!! :(

    Is this software too basic to do what I want? I hope not, I only just bought and paid for it and downloaded it today :(:(:(

    My .mts files straight off my camcorder look GREAT played through windows media player. I need to be able to crop them down and upload the bits I want to youtube.

    Is it correct to say, if I attempt to upload an untouched .mts file straight from my camcorder to youtube manually, this will show up in youtube in HD and give viewers the option to view the video in HD?

    How can I edit and crop my .mts files without having to sacrifice (being forced to save them in a non HD format)

    Any help on this matter is MUCH MUCH appreciated


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    Try saving using the MPEG2 format mts files and see if mts is in there.

    There are some tutorials on YouTube to render to YouTube, check them out, also render out at 720p to mp4 for YouTube gives HD normally

    .mts (Mpeg Transport Stream)

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