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    We are going on holday and we will not have the facilities to transfer any
    clips onto a computer, therefore as the memory on this camera seems to only
    have 60 minutes recording time this will not be enough , can any member please
    tell me if there is any way I can copy the memory off the "flip" onto an
    accessory or another device, "say" like a memory stick ???
    All help will be appreciated

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    you will definitely need a computer for that carney. that's the only way you'll be able to access the videos inside the camera's memory so then you can copy or cut the files to another memory

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    If you're going to a place where they have an Internet Café you could down load it on to the net, free up your memory, shoot and repeat.

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    I suggest an alternative approach. Only shoot what your going to use in the final movie. Its a novel idea I know, but I remember the days of film when you had about 2.5 minutes only on a reel of film. If you look at old films you will see they are very tight on the editing. Having such little capacity forced you to think about each shot and practice it before pressing the button. If you do that, then editing it when you get back will be a lot easier. and 60 minutes of footage is enough for any holiday movie worth watching.

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