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Thread: So I'm Going to College Soon

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    Default So I'm Going to College Soon

    As the title says, I'll be leaving for college soon. Which means I will be looking into computers.

    Currently, I run a Sony Vaio with 2.52 ghz and 1 gig of ram. Everything is basically stock. I have been editing with it for about two years (adobe premiere pro, after affects...) and have been satisfied with its results until recently when i noticed then rendering was taking far longer than it used to.

    Well, i need some help on deciding 1) If i should get a new computer for college, 2) What kind should I get, and 3) Mac or Windows?

    Basically, I can either use most of my money to either beef up my vaio, or buy a new computer. But is it worth spending the money to make my vaio better, or should i go with something else? PC's have not always been my area of expertise. I would like something that I could use for everyday use in college (essays, surfing the web, downloading some stuff, chatting, but above all, editing). This brings up another question, should i go with Windows or Mac? I have been told ot go with Windows since i will be using it for other activities besides editing.

    I know my post contains a million questions, but any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Assuming you will be at college to study design/video:

    1) Find out what they will be using at college
    2) Consider buying something to match that

    If you're not going for a design related course, probably best to go for a PC.
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    Hey thanks for the response.

    Im first going to UNT, then Full Sail. At UNT they use a combination of dells and mac g5's.

    So it hink i have decided to go with a pc cause i would probally get more use out of it.

    So the question now is, should i spend my money on upgrading my Vaio, or should i get a completely new computer (such as HP, Dell...)?

    Thanks again for the help.

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