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Thread: firewire has taken a notion to stop working

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    Default firewire has taken a notion to stop working

    Hi there,

    First post, and quel surprise a problem.

    I have been connecting my sharp viewcam successfully through my firewire for almost a year, windows xp, using vegas or pinnacle. All of a sudden, it has stopped working. Device manager says the firewire is working with no problems, but none of the programmes see the camera at all. Have tried all three programmes, tried a different firewire cable, and have tried my camera on a friends machine, and all works fine. PC hasnt been moved at all, and nothing new has been installed. There is no sign at all that the camera is connects (no sound when connected)

    To date i have tried: new cable, uninstalling firewire then letting windows (XP sp2) reinstall it, rebooting with the cam attatched and playing. Have also tried system restore to go back to a point when it was working, but the sys restore isnt working either.

    The only thing i can think of, is that i recently had a nasty hijacker, and ran various programmes to clear it (AVG / spybot s + d / adaware / pest patrol etc) Is it possible i could have deleted something which is preventing it working?

    Am kind of at a loss now, and any help / suggestions are gratefully appreciated!


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    Is it an onboard firewire port? You could try using a PCI firewire card.

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    Thanks for replying.

    My existing firewire was onboard the soundcard, I have now installed a separate PCI firewire card, which shows as working on device manager, but stil cant seem to connect wth camera.


    Any other suggestions?


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    Have you tried the camcorder on a different PC? The DV unit could potentially be fried.

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