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Thread: "The Frame" teaser

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    Default "The Frame" teaser

    I just came up with a crazy idea for a short film (it will probably be around 10 minutes long), so yesterday I decided to do a teaser for the film. Nothing big, and in a way I think it looks cheesy lol

    I am hoping the film look better though.

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    I liked it but told me nothing, am not teased!!!

    The text was too short needs to be slightly longer and a subjective one.. the transitions use less fade, wave, etc.. Stick to one type thats my view......I am starting to like your style though your going to be GOOD...

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    lol aren't those movie tease nothing but a tease that doesn't show anything? Cause I remember when Transformers was coming out the only thing they showed was a shadow and a lot of text hahahahaa I'm just saying, I'm not defending mysef
    The truth is I didn't want to show anything that will be in the short film, just something related to it.

    I see your point about the text being longer and using less transitions. I go crazy trying to do something cool and at the end I end up making a whole mess. Gladly the script I wrote for the short film is simple and it just has different angle shots, no transitions whatsoever

    Thanks for the comments zandebar I'll keep it in mind for my next projects.

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    I thought you said you didn't have any footage to use for editing and now look what you've produced. Great camera angles. Good images.

    I agree with Zandebar about the text. I would reverse the effect you've put on it so it's easier to read.

    A movie trailer is supposed to leave you wanting more, sparking interest but give you some idea what the movie is about.

    May be this is a personal thing but spelling the word through as "thru", well I just didn't like it. may be I need to be more "street" or may be you need to be less "street". lol

    Good job over all.

    One question why did you post this in the Fan section if it's your own footage ?

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    Midnight thank you for the feedback, this was something I decided to shoot last night. It is funny how I had to shoot the same thing a few times to get different angles lol the neighbors were looking thru the windows like "look at this crazy guy"

    My original plan was to make the text duplicated and drop forward but I couldn't figure out how to do so. I'll definitely be more careful with the amount of effects.

    So yeah, like I mentioned, a trailer is what makes people want more, but this was more like a teaser to what the movie will be, which is after the last scene of this video.

    You might not believe me, but I actually thought about the thru/through word and never did anything about it *slap myself on the hand for it*

    Now, about posting it in the Fan section is because the music I used is not my own media

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    Ok, it got my attention as a "teaser".

    I think you did well to frame the shots and be the main subject. I don't think I could do that.

    Oh I forgot to mention good effect on the mirror, just enough and not too much.

    Well done again.

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    I liked it very much, you have talent so its going to be interesting to see what you come up with next.

    When I suggested putting your movies in the Fan section I only meant those where you were re-editing other peoples footage. Just using a music track is taking that a bit too far I think. Now that Youtube is very good at rejecting videos where the copyright owner does not want to have their music used I don't think that is such an issue. Its still not observing copyright of course but many artists now see that having their music played generates more business for them also.

    So, when you make more with your own footage come and play in the users section.

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    I didn't mind the text effects - the first one (the text zooming forward) seemed about the most appropriate - the wave effect and the dyslexia effect didn't really seem to "fit" the feel of the film. Obviously this is subjective.

    I would agree though that you should find ONE style throughout the trailer and stick with that.

    It was quite well put tohgether. My only real criticism was the cutting from behind the man carrying the mirror to the shot of the mirror with the reflection (which is a nice idea BTW). You broke the 180 degree rule. We see the talent from behind, then cut to in front (or at least the mirror that he's carrying), the cut to behind again. This does not work and therefore for someone who is not expecting it, it is confusing - we're not sure what we're seeing when we see that glimpse of the mirror.

    In life you cannot move from one side of an object to another in zero time. In other words you cannot see someone from their right side and themn immediately from their left.

    In order to maintain realism, it has to be the same in film. Either move the camera around (with a tracking shot) - obviously not feasible in short shots like this OR put in a cutaway between the changed directions. It only need be brief, but the mind will accept that the viewpoint has changed between the two opposing shots of the subject.

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    I enjoyed it. But as set of scenes, not as a taster or tease.

    Although I sensed something confusion in the mirror scene (better described in Tim'S post), I felt a message that the Mirror might become part of the story, and its reflection part of the drama (as in Alice_lookinglass or Dorian_Grey).

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