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Thread: Is this camcorder a FULL HD one?

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    Default Is this camcorder a FULL HD one?

    Hi, I bought this item from ebay "JVC EVERIO GZ-HD3 HDD CAMCORDER 60GB FULL 1080 HD ***** on eBay (end time 08-Jan-10 20:30:55 GMT)" because it was advertised as a FULL HD camcorder.
    It has a max record capability of 1440x1080. I opened a claim on Paypal against the seller in order to return the item the very same day. My claim was rejected . According to them the item was as described. I asked them if it means that the camera is a full HD one. They said that they are not experts and they can not tell.
    So I decided to visit forums with many digital video enthusiasts to check if I'm wrong or not.
    My question is " Is this camera a FULL HD camera?" For yes&no asnwers would you please add your reasoning as well.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I think I understand why you think the camera is not full HD. the 1440x1080 is 4:3 aspect ratio.

    I found this article which says "It doesn't really matter much, and in fact it could be considered a benefit, but the HD3 lacks the HD7's FHD (Full HD) mode. Since most video editors don't support FHD, it could be considered more trouble than its worth, especially since Lori Grunin saw little, if any, difference between the video quality of the HD7's FHD and 1440 CBR modes. In our tests, the HD3's 1440 CBR video looked extremely similar to the HD7's, which is to say that it looks good. It has the same interlace artifacts, horizontal jitter and stutter, and blown-out highlights as the HD7, but colors look fairly accurate and well saturated.

    This is just opinion I would recommend going direct to JVC to see what they say.

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