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Thread: Desisions on some videos I made.

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    Default Desisions on some videos I made.

    i want to know what you guys think about this video I made with Windows Movie Maker. They are all made on Moviemaker.

    It's My youtube channel. Look at the videos and tell me what i should change for more up and coming videos.

    Please be critical don't hold back.

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    As you are new to the forum you probably didn't realise that you're not suppose to put likes to your YouTube channel unless you are just promoting your channel in which case you should put it in the "Pimp my link" section of the forum. This is what you do if you want comments about your video.

    Go to the "User Video" section of the forum.
    Start a thread and place the URL of the video (not your channel) and ask people to comment on your video. Please only place one video per thread.

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    Oh i am new but thanks.

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