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Thread: Superimpose video.

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    Default Superimpose video.

    Hey there, ive been treying to find out how to do this effect. Heres a link to a video that shows it if you could help it would be greatly appreciated. Ohh yeah i have sony vegas 9 and after effect cs4 at my disposale.

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    Without meaning to sound rude. If you have to ask there is no way you could duplicate this quality work.

    This is a great forward planning of shots, a mix of different techniques. inc. split screen, cropping & masking, There may even be doubles used. You would be better asking Mike Benson, the film maker what he did for each of the shots.

    OR you could search YouTube for "split screen" where there are some tutorials to get you started.

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    Yeah i never had the intention of doing as good, Mike benson has Amazing editing skills. thanks anyways.

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    Do follow my advice about looking up the tutorials. Even Mike Benson had to start some where.

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    Awesome, How is it possible? Great!

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