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Thread: Backing up video projects

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    Default Backing up video projects

    Just wondered if/how you guys back up your video projects. I had a scare this morning when a project I'd been working became corrupt (i think) and refused to open.

    Do you have mirror drives/software etc.

    All replies would be much appreciated, this is something i need to address!


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    Default Backups

    Simples; You can never have enough backups

    I would backup to external media, like a portable USB HDD that you can keep copies of all your impotant files....The size of the HDD is up to you...For under £50 you can get something decent.

    Or if you have lots of cash to splash and you want to help the country out of recession, install a raid array........Be careful don't get Marc Peters on the subject..

    Burn DVD copies of files or if your rich and have a Blueray burner your in business...

    Hope that helps

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    Cheers for the reply man, i'd been looking at a external HDD and backing up every week or something like that.

    Well wothout wanting to open a can of worms, what exac;ty is a Raid Array. A back up system.

    I'll get on Google.

    Cheers for the Help though

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