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    Default Night vision camcorder

    OK I have being wondering {what was that?} which camcorder to go for with {did you here that?} for shooting night vision shots. I know nothing about night vision {huuhhh, what was that?} like the ones you see on the ghost hunting programs, 'Most Haunted' and 'Ghost Hunters International'. They are clearly camcorders; just wondered if anybody knew which corders they tend to use and how Much.....!!!!!

    Apologies in advance for the bad humour, just the mick, taken out of these types of programms. I really wanna know about the cam though..
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    Default Infrared

    OK the Quick and easy answer is a Sony Camcorder with Nightshot and a Infrared Illuminator
    or do as i did and build your own as nobody has a clue to IR lighting unless you win the lottery
    YouTube - outithewoods's Channel
    Here are a few demos of the sort of image you get when you build your own and pretty much a thousand times better than sonys half arsed atempt at IR lighting the cheap way is to use a filter on any halogen 12V car spotlamp this will block all visible light and pass the near IR band for your camera to see even when you cant i use LEDs as these are less power hungry and when set up in panels you can add them together to gain more light or a deeper field of view this depends on how wide and far you want your camera to see.YouTube - outithewoods's Channel
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