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Thread: Wedding Videos Advice Needed

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    Default Wedding Videos Advice Needed

    Hi Guys,

    I'm David, live in Ireland and new to this site. I have filmed a few weddings in the past for family. Word is out and now a friend of the family has asked me to film her wedding in a few months time. I know the DVD's I have completed in the past have probably been long winded and had no real format to them (other than start to finish of the ceremony and reception). I'm looking for some advice on what to include in the final DVD and what layout / format this should all take in the hope of making it more professional looking. I will be shoting with just one camera.

    Any advice or tips welcome. Also if anyone is willing to share any samples of completed DVD's it would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance,


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    I picked this example at random so can;t personally vouch for it but maybe you should have a read of something like this to get a handle on what's involved in wedding videography.

    The Wedding Video Handbook: How to Succeed in the Wedding Video Business DV Expert Series: Kirk Barber: Books

    Alternatively check out the web sites of a bundle of wedding video people. They often list their packages against cost showing which scenes they do. You might get some tips on what to include just by glancing at those.

    The couple of family (i.e. non paying) weddings I've done I've turned up early and got a few scene setting shots of church and then as peolple start to arrive I just film everything and worry about what to include in post.

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    Hi David
    I try to keep the entire production to around 60 -70 minutes at the most and also render each event in clips so they can watch specified clips only if they desire. This is my normal schedule
    Short shoot of the bride getting ready at home
    Bridal arrival and entrance into the Church/Venue
    Full wedding ceremony but I do omit things like the Homily and Mass at Catholic weddings. The idea is to keep it down to around 20 mins tops!!
    B&G being congratulated outside the Church
    Short clip during the Photoshoot with the photographer
    Mini-Interviews with the guests at pre-dinner drinks
    Bridal Party arrival at reception.
    Speeches at the reception (one clip per speech so they can skip boring ones)
    Clips of all the 'events' cake cutting, first dance, bouquet, garter etc etc
    A short clip of the dancing
    Farewell to the guests and B&G vanishing into the night to end everything off

    By all means shoot as much as you want to but it's advisable to refrain from presenting them with a 4 DVD set of 4 hours worth of video!!!


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    My advice fwiw, is to avoid 1 camera shoots. Use 2 even if it means having the 2nd one locked off at the back. That way any sudden/blocked moves by the main cam can be covered for the short time you're recomposing.
    It will pay dividends!

    My productions are limited only by the length of the ceremony and speeches. Usually under 90 minutes.
    I do trim the ceremony hymns, but only a verse or so.
    The speeches, I leave in full on the basis that someone, in generations to come, will hang on every word.

    I always try to start the ceremony 10 minutes into the video and close with a highlights of the day, slomo/b&w etc with a couple of tracks of the B&G (guided by myself to classics that will sound as good in 30 years as they do today, not be decade defined) choice.

    The highlights serve them well as these can be shown to friends that may not have all night to savour the whole DVD. Though the nice thing about DVDs is the chapters that they can skip if required.
    Hope this helps!
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    2nd camera, 2nd camera, 2nd camera. I'm currently editing a job, whereby the priest - having insisted on a spot that I stand (fairly normal) - then backed into to me throughout the ceremony. 2nd cam on the balcony saved the day.

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    In my humble opinion, the word cowboy is usually associated with a one camera wedding coverage. I attended a wedding shoot a few years ago. There is me with my huge JVC KY17E that I used at the time, and my other cameraman with my other one arriving at the church to set up, when the previous wedding was just finishing and everyone was vacating the church. A chap came out with a Sharp viewcam and i thought to myself "Oh, he must be one of the guests"

    I was absolutely astonished when he walked up to the groom, presented him with the tape from the Sharp viewcam, and said "here is your wedding video, have ya got my 350 quid please"

    Honestly, a second camera is a must, even if it is just locked off like Archie says. It makes the finished video look so much better when your switching cameras during the editing, and at the reception where one is on the person giving the speech, and your other camera is getting the guests reaction. Especially during the best mans speech where the dirt is dished and the character assasination has begun lol

    Like the others have said, dont go giving a 4 disc compilation, edit it down to somewhere between an hour and an hour and half. Dont be afraid to take some creative shots, it usually makes an epic end to the dvd.

    All the best.
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    Hello SASMAN. I see you had a KY-17E. If for some reason it is not working anymore or you don't use it anymore I am looking for a lens replacement for mine..Hope you don't mind me asking.. Regards John

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    I have for many years used a single camera, a good experienced cameraman and editor can make one camera look like two. Though this can be tough during long shots like the service and speeches, but a little forethought can solve that.
    I do carry a second cam, for back up. but I only take one car,so my back is limited to the fact that I actually turn up and on time. Have plans for car failure.

    It's all down to planning.
    That starts with making sure you know what the clients is expecting from the video, what you can achieve within the limits you have on the day, positions etc.

    You will need insurance, Indemnity, Public Liability, Copyright Licences for any music used on the DVD

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    Never did a wedding, but Im learning a bit.... you never know, eh? My best advice now is to get into Vimeo and look for wedding videos. Some fantastic ideas will pop. Take notes in order to remember later and plan your shots. Search for Iris and Light and check their work. I like it...

    If you are a friend, try some work days ahead with the couple, in different places, empty church, gadens around. Will add a lot of variety to work with later. Look at for a small How To on weddings. Great tips there too. And, as you have a few months ahead.... I would go for reading and reading more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEB0007 View Post
    Hello SASMAN. I see you had a KY-17E. If for some reason it is not working anymore or you don't use it anymore I am looking for a lens replacement for mine..Hope you don't mind me asking.. Regards John
    Sorry Jeb0007, Them cameras were sold on about 10 years ago lol. Ebay is probably the best place to find gear, or you could try these guys. they usually sell on older equipment, lenses etc on the cheap.


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