Hello guys, I remembered this website from awhile ago, and thought some of you may be interested in buying the camcorder I am selling, it's in good-as-new condition, fully working, no scratches or anything, only used about 4 times in total, only selling because I am in need of money.

The camcorder is 2,503.79 (The price I bought it for.) at:
Sony HDR-FX 7: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo

Although ofcourse I don't expect to get that amount of money for it because it has been used before, although please take into
consideration that it really is good-as-new and hasn't been used much, although I have recently tested everything and it all works perfectly, I've decided to take 1,000 off the original price, leaving it at 1,499.00, although if you buy the eBay item that isn't all you'll get, you'll also get a hard-case worth over 200! and 5 60 minute mini-DV's (300 mins) and all the required cables, charger, manual etc, etc.

So if you are in the UK please consider buying this item, I believe it is a bargain considering the value of the camcorder.

**If you are not in the UK, please contact me via PM and I'll see how much postage would cost to ship to you...**

Here is the ebay listing:
Sony HDRFX7E High Definition MiniDV Camcorder + EXTRA's on eBay (end time 18-Feb-10 16:45:24 GMT)

Also I'd like to just say, I hope this doesn't break any forum rules, I suppose this could be classed as advertising but I just thought that some people here might be interested in buying it, I hope that's okay