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    Hi, it was the first time when we recorded a documentary on HDV interlace (PAL). We want to convert it to DVD Mpeg2, PAL, 4:3, 720x576 pixels, no widescreen, but cropping from middle of the HDV's image. When we tried to convert, at the end the image got worse quality (blurred). We used HDV Split for capture (in m2t file) Edited in Premiere Pro HDV 1080i25 /50i. What is the problem? How can we solve it? It'd be very nice if you could help us.

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    Have you made a video at the full resolution or are you trying to change aspect ratios from the HDV project, I would try outputing the video as an HDV and then starting a new project as a "DV-PAL Standard 48kHz" then using the rendered HDV video in the new project, all you have to do then is go into Effects and Motion Setting and set the Scale to about 54% and make it upper field first and the program will do the cropping and aspect changes automatically, well hopefully it will, fingers crossed.


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    Thank you. I will try that way, and hopefully itt will be working!

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