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    Hi Can anyone help me i need to convert a movie saved as an MPEG Quicktime movie. I want to be able to view it in Windows Media Player is this possible. This is probably the wrong forum to be in, sorry if it is but iam a total novice when it comes to forums and the like.

    thanks for your time

    David miller

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    Hi David

    Yes this is possible. MPEG is an open format whereas Quicktime have some of their own variations on it, so a lot will depend on what kind of encoding the file really has. Basically, Quicktime have some copyright protection copy limitation stuff in some files and some proprietary "Sorenson" extensions in others, for quality increases for Quicktime users.

    So, the question is really what codec (compression/decompression scheme) we're talking about here in your original clip. Also, the format you want to convert it to (there are several!)

    If at the moment the file plays in Quicktime player only and not Windows Media player then that's because MS have said they won't allow Media Player to play Quicktime or Real content. Conversion is still possible although it might require you to use the Quicktime editing tools available from Apple (some are free, some are free trial I think) to convert it to another format, or it might require illegal hacking, and I can't help you with that.

    A last possibility is that you can get Quicktime content to play back in a single player that will also play all sorts of other stuff, like the Core Media Player.

    I recommend this free player personally - there are lots of other competent players around too - because it's a bit like WinAmp with video, and the playlist feature works well to play all sorts of different files in a sort of movie show. So I can just stack up a few short films I have hanging around from my editing experiments in different formats, hit fullscreen then play, and sit back with a beer


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    Default Windows Media player

    thanks for that , i shall ivestigate the options.
    David miller

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