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    I recently bought a Sony Handycam and am wondering how to stream content to my pc. I have done much searching/reading and have a few Q?'s

    Will a 4 pin fire wire pci card be what I need to sucessfully stream hd a/v from my Handycam via its iLink output? Recommendations.

    Is there any software that can record this steam? (I know this is not h\w related but it applies)


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    bump cause I STILL need answer...

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    The link you've provided points to a camera that DOESN'T have firewire out..........

    But assuming that's wrong and yours does, yes, get yourself a firewire card in your PC and you should be able to use a capture programme to open the camera and capture live.

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    I just noticed that, the description is incorrect, it DOES have iLink. Is iLink compatible with firewire? Is it easier to capture video with HDMI or iLink? What s\w would you recommend for video capture?

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