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Thread: Fast Motion Vid

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    Default Fast Motion Vid

    I had made this video while driving on to Tampa FL.

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    Hi Rebel, I'm not a big fan of some of the FX you used especially the swirly one but I did like a couple. You seem to have put a lot of thought into "keeping with the beat" with your cuts. Which with this particular track wasn't easy. I liked the transparent forward facing track superimposed on the looking at the driver track so it looks like you are looking through the windscreen at the driver.

    I liked to section around 2:30 when you looked like you where singing along with the track.

    It would have maybe been better at the end if you had arrived somewhere rather than the way it just faded out while still driving.

    PS I noticed you drive like a maniac.

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    LOL @ the drive like a maniac I actually kept changing lanes on purpose for the video.

    Thank you for the comments, now that you mentioned it, the arriving somewhere would have been definitely a great idea. About the FX, yes, I think there could have been a better way to edit the video but I was completely lost on how to put together the idea I had on doing the fast motion video, but as you said, I like to try to keep up with the beat, in my opinion (I might be wrong) it looks good when a video matches the music beat in cases like this. That's why I like my Friend or Foe video I posted yesterday, because I was able to match not only the motion of the video with the beat but even in certain occasions the lyrics of the song.

    Once again, thanks you

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    Well I think the mood of the video suited the song and you edited it very tightly but I always think it's good to have some kind of narrative in a video even one like this. I think people like a start, middle and an end or even better a twist to the end !

    Something to think about when you get your camera out again.

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    Like Like.

    I am a fan of the genre - but even allowing for this I tht that was good. Music - tick. Showing you - tick.

    I liked some of the heavy fx work - and some not - bit overall added something but maybe I would have used less overall and I wouldnt have use swirl on you.

    Five stars on you tube cos i watched to the end.

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    Thank you vertovian for the rating and the comments
    I think being new to this video editing thing makes me go crazy on adding effects to the videos lol

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    So true - I been doing this for six years - maybe - and my old stuff is very ott at times.

    My learning curve was. Edit - film - edit - then years going mad with fx - manual camera - film - now edit with lighter hand.

    But I am glad I did all the earlier stuff cos I think it helped me be better now - well obviously really. Not saying that I am that good, but I like what I do more - that is what I meant.

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    Well I too made it to the end of your film but only just mind. The concept and execution is good but in my opinion too long for the average viewer, i.e. someone not watching it in order to feedback. The music track was a very good choice, the section where you were banging your head about in time to the music was the strongest.

    Good effort.

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    A for effort!

    I like driving but not much in that kind of highway hehehe!
    thanks for sharing your work.

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    I thought this was great but then realised I'd become bored about half way thorugh. It all seemed to be repeating the same things after that.

    I was havig similar thoughts about the swirly effect to MB, but I liked the way it went clockwise then anti-clockwise with the beat - a bit more of that would have made it less naff.

    Bet you wish you'd cleaned your windscreen.

    Great colours for the main shots.

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