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Thread: Best camera for starting film/TV maker?

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    Default Best camera for starting film/TV maker?

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to this forum, my name is Bram, 24 years old and I'm from the Netherlands.
    I'm in the last year of my Multimedia education, did an internship as an item-director at a major TV station here, went great, have my own (small) video-production company now, and want to buy a camera of my own.
    I used to always use camera's from the companies I work for, but I want to expand and be more independent.

    I want to make items for web and television, but also short films and stuff (for school and for fun) with it. Apart from that I want to film events / weddings with it.

    I've worked with Sony's A1, V1 and Z1, and I like the V1. My budget is about 3500,- incl. VAT, which is just enough to buy it. I really like this camera, but I'm wondering if there are better camera's for that budget. I know the V1 has been out for a couple years, but that makes it affordable too. I just can't buy the newest HD beast out there, but do want to shoot in 1080i.

    I really hope you guys can help out on what would be the best camera for me on that sort of budget, it doesn't have to be a Sony at all! These are just the cams i've worked with.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    I've always been a fan of Panasonic Cameras I think the AP-HPX171 is forth a look at if you want a change from Sony Cameras. Even better is the HVX201 but that is just outside your budget.

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    Hey thanks a lot for replying!

    I've been looking at those camera's, and while the cheapest of the 2 looks really good, I think it uses the P2 Memory card workflow am I right?
    Doesn't that add a couple hundred bucks on the price as well? I remember those cards are really expensive..

    What do you think about the V1? Decent camera too, or not? I'll definately give those Panasonics a closer look!

    Thanks again,

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    Yes your right about the P2 cards. I have found them really good to use. I've always had Panasonics so I have no hands on experience with the V1 but it's had decent reviews as far as I know. A choice of camera is a personal thing. As Panasonic, Sony & Canon all produce decent cameras. They all have some sort of short comings and great features.

    I'm no real help am I.

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    Haha, no you're great, thanks for replying so fast again!

    Anyone else here has a good advice? Thoughts about the Sony V1 vs. the Panasonic?


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