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    Ian recommended this software a little while back and I have been using it quite a bit since. Very good and cheap which is always good. I thought I would share a little quirk though just in case you end up being driven mad like I have been over the last few days.

    I was posting to a forum and suddenly my Q key stopped typing. Duff key needs a clean I thought but no that didn't fix it. Its broken I thought, I drop my keyboard every now and then which is never a good thing. So I swapped it for a second keyboard I have, blow me down no Q key. Then suddenly I find I can type a capital Q but not a lowercase Q.

    Its a virus I thought. Scans done nothing found, no Q !!! I have lived being Q-less for the last couple of days. Then, out of nowhere the Q came home! - why - I shut down Fastone Capture and it was happy to be typed again.

    On my setup the Q key activated a magnification of the screen in Fastone. However, if that app was running but laying dormant, I had no Q key.

    Its worth it though, the progs a winner and you can of course set other keys as you hotkey.

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    That's _uite an interesting _uandary. I'm glad you _uashed it in the end.

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    I said it was good and cheap. Never said it was perfect!!!

    They're a helpful bunch, so might be worth dropping them a line to let them know.
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