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Thread: Where I can find this motion effect?

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    Default Where I can find this motion effect?

    I am editing with Final Cut Pro , I am familliar with the motion key frame but I would like to know if the moving images effect from here Razvan Dimitriu | Video Editor I can find it somewhere predefined as motion effect . Than ,I would like to know if someone knows where can I find some audio sounds(to download), the kind of audio effects used here on transitions or on high speed to have a give a bigger impact to the sequence . I would really appreciate it if someone will take the time to answer! Thank you in advance!

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    I'm not sure what you really want but on the sound thing you could try searching around THIS SITE

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    For the video effects I think a plugin called Twitch might be of some use and just use one of the time effects to speed things up and slow things down as and when. Plan your shots knowing that you'll speed bits up too rather than trying to do it at the time.

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    Not sure what effect you're after? Looks like just standard speed up/slow down stuff, with a soft flash and some high contrast/saturation effects. The 'whoosh' sounds can be found all over the Internet. 00's of them at MB's suggested site.

    Re the actual video - excellent. Apart from the obviously posed stuff at the beginning. But that's just my personal preference.

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