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Thread: Some small help starting my dream!

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    Question Some small help starting my dream!

    Hello, making my world of warcraft movie and quitting the game.
    I have recorded many good pvp moments with fraps at 60FPS full size
    My screen resolution is 1024x768
    I would like to know please what template should i use when creating a new project with sony vegas ? And what rendering settings should i use also for it to achieve best quality.
    Best blur motion method? etc All help is appreciated and rewarded with gold from my server Lightbringer - EU since im quitting the game.
    Is there any way to get the black bars on the sides not showing on youtube i tried all different ways but my screen which i recorded the videos isn't widescreen its simple square one :\ It shows full screen in my player but on youtube it ads the bars.

    (My main problem is what settings to put in the begging when i make new project for my 1024x768 video i recorded to have best resolution on youtube)

    Thank you again
    Have a good day and happy new year.
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