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    Horror commercial for my tech class. Hope ya enjoy it.


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    You should have a good note !
    Nice filming ... i guess you have done this whit natual light and no sound kit ? The sound was a bit echo, it was the on camera mic ?

    Well nobody care about sound these days .... :-(

    But good editing, the quality is good, nice compression setting dude !
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    I enjoyed it, in particular the humour in the recommendations from the big directors.

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    Thanks for the comments. Yeah, those were on the spot while I was editing

    Also we just filmed on my FlipMinoHD, so no external mic and I didn't use any extra lighting.

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    I like the quality of your video!
    nice and clean, that what I noticed.

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    Nice one lads quite funny, Sound as you know was a bit poor. I thought the titles were a bit quick. I had to pause to read them. (May be I'm a slow reader)

    Nice shots. Good fun.

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    These new cheap HD cameras are great aren't they!!

    Good fun stuff, thanks for posting, made me smile.
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