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Thread: my new music video remix(using cheril coles 3 words)

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    Default my new music video remix(using cheril coles 3 words)

    hi please watch my new video edit
    i just seem to like making a few edits now and then using music and certan film clips
    just for my enjoyment really

    just like to hear peoples views on how it fits or how it can be done a bit better

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    Link removed by user !

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    yeah sorry dam you tube loves copyright protection and most people cant view it???
    dont worry will find a way round it

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    More copyright theft
    I have six honest, serving men. They taught me all I knew.
    Their names are What and Why and When. And How and Where and Who! (Rudyard Kipling)

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    i class copyright theft as using sources be that music picture films to make a profit!!!
    since i brought the dvd and the single. i dont see the problem in using it as long as i dont make
    money of it.
    i am doing them a great deed by showing there products without asking for my hand to be filled with cash!!!!
    if i made a film or song i would not care if they used it as it shows it was good in the first place

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    I think IanA has a serious problem with copyright and thieves. I'm just saying.

    In my opinion whether you paid for it or not, you're doing the editions either as a hobby (like I did), or to learn and develop your edition skills, and since most of us are not professionals who work in the industry and have full access to the media we need, I personally don't see anything wrong with borrowing existing media for our learning process. At the end we're not making a profit out of it, we are just trying to create art, get feedback, etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebel View Post
    I think IanA has a serious problem with copyright and thieves. I'm just saying.
    You think Ian has a PROBLEM because he defends someone's right not to have their work potentially vandalised by someone else?

    NO. It's not just theft if you don't profit from it. You're far too narrow minded - you're looking at it for a purely financial viewpoint. One might profit in other ways. Reputation being the obvious one.

    OK so you don't buy that. Try this:
    You have left-leaning political tendencies and you are pro multiculturalism and strongly anti-racist. This may or may not be well known in your professional life as a songwriter.
    You write a song which is nothing to do with politics or racism.
    The BNP pick up on this song and decide to use it as their theme song in the forthcoming elections.

    How would you feel about that?

    People spend many years studying and practicing their skills and probably spend weeks or even years sweating over the stuff you are copying as well as a small fortune recording it. You should be able to use it however you want for free?

    There is little doubt that a film shown in a festival with a good piece of well known music will do better than exactly the same film with something you knocked up in Garage Band or Acid. Mechanisms exist to allow you to pay for the right to use the copyright music (or film). These exist so that the writers and producers can have some small compensation for their time, effort and money in creating the piece AND for all the stuff they made along the way which flopped and therefore COST them.

    Personally I do not have a problem in people using small pieces of copyright material for their own personal use and even posting here for comments in a purely educational manner.

    What I do have is an issue with anyone who suggests that anyone else who stands up for the rights of copyright holders has a serious problem.

    End of rant.

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    Excellent rant Tim.

    That's two great rants so far today, who's going to be next to make up the three.

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    Tim, everyone have the right to stand up for their rights. So let me ask you this. Me being a massage therapist, who doesn't have anything but a flip video camera, and a mac, how do I learn to edit without having to invest a fortune in media for the only purpose of practicing and learning to edit and then come here for advices and suggestions and boom someone comes and basically calls me a thieve just because of my lack of access to media and a purely desire of learn with borrowed media? I'll be more than happy to get any advices about this. Because like I said and just being realistic, most people will use media from their own houses, found on the internet of from friends to practice, and even more there are those who would make a profit out of it.

    I'm more than willing to learn not only editing tips but also from where to get media either on a reasonable price or free.

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    And no, I'm not mad (even if it might look like it). We all are entitled to express our opinions, and I do like to listen (or read in this case) what everyone has to say as long as it doesn't offend my principles, and if that was the case I wouldn't argue but just walk away. I'm just trying to express my point of view, but I also don't expect anyone to agree with me

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