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    Hi everyone,

    I use a Sony HDR-520VE HD camcorder. I currently burn AVCHD files onto a standard DVD then play them on my PS3. I view this through an LCD TV.

    My question is, is it worth me investing in a blu-ray burner for my PC? Will I notice a great difference?


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    Anyone?? Anyone?? Bueller??

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    I think the reason people haven't answered this question is that a lot depends on you. Starting with how good you are with the camera. Meaning if you can really using, perfect focus and iris settings, etc.. what you are using it for or pointing it at etc... Then there is the issue of the software you use and how you use it such as the rendering settings etc....

    These factors are up to you. If you shoot really good HD and Burn a really good HD DVD you will be really happy with the results.

    So if you can afford it and are willing to get good with the camera etc.. Yes get a Blue ray burner. BUT don't come back to me if you are not happy with the results because the reason will be something you did.

    I hope this answers your question.

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    OR you could watch on your computer a video that you have burned on to a DVD and then watch the HD version from your files. AND judge for your self what you think.

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    I will give you a technical point of view;, blue ray storage capacity is 30 GB

    Compared to normal DVD of 4.7 GB

    ITs the same question really when DVD first came out........

    And do you have a use for this technology, only you can work this out.

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