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Thread: How not to lose that much quality?

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    Talking How not to lose that much quality?

    so I use my Sony cybershot to make videos, and they look great. 20min of video Is about 2gigs so....that wont fly on my HD.

    I only really have Windows movie maker, and I have been saving them to the highest possible quality It will allow you (2.0mps)

    but It shrinks them just a tad bit too much. a 1gig video goes downto about 200MB

    I cant find something that well let me save them in the middle..... you get what am saying? 200MB is too small but 1-2gigs is too much.....

    any recommended progs, and or settings?

    note: I did try using Adobe premiere pro, but that makes them even bigger up to 5gigs.....

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    A cybershot is a still cam aint it?

    What wont fly on what HD thing - what do you mean? - english not street.

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    by HD i meant HardDrive.

    The newer cybershots take great video, saves them in mpg.

    but they are huge files. 6min video takes up about 457,705kb. thats alot..thats almost half a gig for 6mins.

    so what i do Is open them in movie maker, edit parts out, save it in the highest quality possible, but its not good enough. It makes them TOO small, but thats the best that program can do..

    am looking for something In the middle. reduce size, but not lose THAT much quality, I of corse expect to lose some.....

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    less size nearly always means less quality.

    I cant be specific cos it's not a video camera but save out as SD DV and you cant go far wrong and that wont hurt the vieo quality.

    If u want spmmaler render to a comressed format like wmv or mp4 and adjust compression untill you reach the right compromise.

    RTFM time.

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    "save out as SD DV"
    could you explain that to me better please? I dont know what you mean.....I did not see any option like while recording video.

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    I think you can only render to wmv with Windows Movie Maker.

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    what settings would u suggest under Adobe premiere? am trying divx at highest quality see how big that ends up... or any other program?

    edit: The divx settings looked worst then movie maker, and it was a bigger file...
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    If I were you I will be using Adobe Premiere Pro for editing and export into AVI then use Format Factory for converting or Camtasia. Hope this will help because I'm also doing like this before.

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    If you are using Premiere Pro then try selecting h264 and under the presets there is one called Apple TV 720P this saves as an mp4 file and has a bit rate of 5Mbps this will give yo a file of about 700Mb per 20mins it's the setting I use for high definition on You-tube and Vimeo, you can alter the preset to a higher bit rate and also change the profile to main or high profile 4.1 and make your own preset.

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