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Thread: getting into events (not weddings)?

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    Question getting into events (not weddings)?

    Hey folks,

    I have been looking around the forum for a few hours and found some great topics but not in a way that paricualy awnser my questions so ill go ahead and post em and hope some of you guys might have some tips for me!

    I know there is a lot of talk about wedding videography but Im more interested in doing events like seminars, shows or even music gigs/performances. I graduated from film school a couple of years back and I am spending most of my time working on short films. I have a couple of good HD cameras, lenses etc and I figure I could make some extra money to support me by using this stuff to go out and shoot for people.

    I know im coming from a position of having no idea how to get started so any advice on how to look for work or get experience in this field would be awesome!!

    Thanks guys

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    The most work is usually at weddings because they are considered an essential on a bride's priority list. Interesting gigs are harder to come by as they have a much lower priority and more often than not, a group like an amateur band doesn't have $1000 to blow on a music video but a bride will happily spend twice as much. You have to remember that things like seminars are held to make money for the organisers and unless you can show them that covering the event with a video production will increase their profits then they are seldom interested!!

    With weddings it's all about necessity but commercial event shoots are all about profit. You need to look at a commercial event from the angle of "if we did a video of the could sell it to the hundreds of people that couldn't attend??"


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