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    Good Morning All

    I am looking for text to speech software in a variety of both male and female voice tones, to accompany Caption text. I have done a Google search and found a few good ones. Anyone already using this if you could give me your views, recommendations, and pointers that would be great


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    Have a look at this link. It uses the AT&T voices and allows you to type in what you want to say and save it as a sound file. You could then add that to your video.

    AT&T Labs Natural Voices Text-to-Speech Demo

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    Thanks Shrimpfarmer

    I tried it. It does sound a bit to computerish. on my machine anyway I did find this link with a choice of natural voices. Oddcast virtual host: scene editor

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    I've never found the computer generated voices to be natural enough. I tried making an info video for my company but it's very "dry" and lifeless with the computer generated voices. I found the Australian voice to be the most natural sounding.

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    Thanks MB, I agree, just thought I would post the question in case I might have missed something. I am trying to accomplish something like the marketing video example I put in Pimp the link.
    If I could get the right voice to read from a text file that would be great. I have tried doing niration with the Mic. I have got the wrong tone of voice and go out of sync and end up falling about laughing. Hmmm, bit of serious practice required here I think.

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    The best natural sounding voice is from ivona. You can get a 30 day eval version from the bottom of this page - text to speech Voices

    One pointer - use a good quality text to speech software and you can control pronunciation to get exactly the sound you want - adjust pitch, speed, volume, etc. The phonetic editing comes in handy for the hard to pronounce words.

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