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    These are really short. Basically the gist is... he is epic. So everything the character does is done in an extreme or over the top way. I've been on this website a few times recently and have decided to post these 3 episodes. I do have a proper short film named 'Peep Step' though I don't feel as though I should post it in here. Its of film competition quality and I feel as though I should not post it on the internet. These short segments however are a testiment to how simple actions can be glorified through film. Here they are:

    I recommend right clicking the links and selecting 'Save target as'

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    Nice idea and execution. I liiiiiiiiiiike
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    Very nice. I appreciate why you don't want to post the completed short, but a little longer footage would be nice.

    Very good indeed.
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    Well the main reason I don't post the short is because it was created for BDP productions. which is my production company. I am only 1/3 of the team. Whereas John Epic is 100% my own intellectual property because it was shot, acted and edited by yours truely

    Although, I do have a part of me that really wants to post the video here. I dont want to limit it too the internet but I do want you to see it. So I may encode it into a more friendly size and give it a run on here Just for a while anyway

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    You can always post it in the "after the watershed" forum. It's for "special" people you see (not many people are given access)...
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    Okay, thats an awesome idea

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    Access granted
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    That was really cool, and really well done, i love how random it is and how serious you took it, keep up the good work...

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    While I'm at it I may as well show you this:

    Its a segment I did for, it probably won't appeal to many people here but I figure I may as well post it

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    They are bloody briliant!!!!

    Clever idea. there's an idea for a competition: create your own über-short

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