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    I ordered a couple of cheap (20) lavalier microphones from eBay to capture my voice for a video podcast on. The microphones sound acceptable with talking directly in but when I clip to my jacket (about 2 inches away from my mouth) and talk at a loud level, the microphone picks up very little. My problem is that the microphones seem to be very directional, and that is not acceptable as I want to have a natural conversation on my podcast.

    So my question is: How can I get better audio using these existing microphones or do you have any more that you can recommend (that aren't as directional) at <50. I have tried boosting the audio in 'Audacity' but that just increases the digital noises voiume, making the sound unnaceptable. When I talk directly into these microphones, I must admit, they sound pretty good.

    Once again, recommendations on how to improve the existing ones or some more will be very much appricited. I do not need wireless as it's in a small studio and I have a 3.5mm extension cable.

    Oh, and my requirements: 3.5mm (as I'm plugging it straight into a mic input on a PC).


    Edit: Just to add, would this be an acceptable solution?

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    The problem you have is that the mic is simply not sensitive enough for your needs. We find that regularly with inexpensive lavalier mics. A high noice floor as well as low sensitivity will generally just give you excessive noise rather than a clean signal.

    There are a couple of routes that would be better. Unless you are in front of camera, you will always get a better response from a larger mic as you do not need to 'pay' for the miniaturisation associated with lapel mics. As such you could try either a low-cost USB condenser mic such as the Samson C01U or Samson Go Mic or better still a USB Boundary mic such as the MXL AC404 which will give you fantastic sound quality and no concerns about the mic being in view (we are in the process of upgrading the interview mics in every UK police station with these).

    Hope this helps?


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    As you asked for 3.5mm, under 50, I think the replies above are a bit off the mark!

    With Mics, you do normally get what you pay for, but I've had reasonable success with one of these, which, although supplied with a 1/4" adaptor, are actually 3.5mm. Batteres can drain and be less than cheap though. :(

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