I have registered on this website for a little bit of advice please go easy on me i wont be the one filming these events just purchasing the equipment.

I run a small company that does nights / outdoor events in Scotland. Who are currently is looking for a semi professional hd camera to film our events.

We will be using the camera for filming events in every type of situation possible from nightclubs marquees, laser/light shows etc so it will need to be a good all rounder.

I am looking to spend upto 1000-1500 on the camera and 200-400 on the microphone/boom if you could advise.

We will be using this to film a documentary so a high standard of kit would be appreciated

We are also looking for a digital XLR for photographers to use if you could advise but i dont know if im in the right place to be fair lol.

Anyway take it easy guys and thanks for offering your advise