Hello all.

I'm selling my lovely DVX100b. I've been wrestling with the decision for months but I have finally caved in.

I'm selling it because I'm upgrading my gear. If I could afford it I'd keep it. Believe me. The images you can get off this camera are amazing.

I'm selling:

DVX100b Camcorder with 137 hours on the heads (1500 NEW)
Battery Charger
Mains Power Lead
3 Batteries (100 NEW)
Wide Angle Screw-on Lens (300 NEW)
Manfrotto Tripod w/ 501 Head (200 NEW)
Peli 1550 Case (100 NEW)


The only problem with the camera is that the firewire port on the DVX100b has sadly blown, but in reality it should never be used to capture images anyway, so the impact is minimal.

I am located in Leeds, England.

Postage would be expensive as the peli case is very heavy as well as the tripod, so pickup would be easier. However I will look into shipping if required.

I am asking 1400.00 for the bundle., however I am willing to listen to offers.

If anyone wants anything seperately, PM me with an offer.