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    I'm hoping that somebody on this site will be able to help me.
    I recently bought magix 2005 dit pro. But cannot capture any video. The capture screen is black and the software very slow. The same with movie maker 2. Magix have now got back to me with a list of suggestions the size of my arm but i'm hoping someone here might have the same problems as myself,

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    Hi, welcome to the forums.

    I'm not familiar with your problem or the specific hardware you mentioned Or is it s/w? never mind.

    How are you capturing. How is the camera connected to your computer? What h/w does the line go through.

    One thing that has cropped up regularly ( and wuite recently) on here is that of captuyring through a firewire port on the motherboard and/or graphics card. If this fits your scenario then be advised that these do not always work the same as PCI firewire ports. Change to a PCI card firewire port and see if that helps. SOunds silly but more than one punter here has been pleased with the change

    If that's not it give more information as to h/w used s/w used, how it's all connected and the settigns used to attemot capture.

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    Thanks for your quick response.
    I have a sony hc40e. I originally connected the camcorder to my computer using usb. At first it wouldn't work but after talking to sony i upgraded my graphics driver and it worked, video capture the lot. As you are aware the software supplied with the camcorder (Picture Package) is very limited so i bought magix movie edit pro 2005, they recommended i install a firewire card, so i installed one into one of my free pci slots.
    I could not capture using the pro 2005. Then i noticed that sony's picture package was always running in my system tray so i uninstalled that and for one glorious day i caotured everything on computer only to find out the next day i'm back to square one. Now magix are telling me to reinstall picture package, however i threw away the CD!!!

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    Assuming it's Mini DV camcorder then forget about USB completely. Don't even go there. Always ( and I mean always) capture through a PCI firewire port.

    As for the s/w yhou threw away. Can you download a replacement. If not then talk to customer services and ask if they can send a replacement disk because your has become, er, damaged. You may need a serial or registration number though. Either way, worth a try.

    Unless someone here can send a replacement. I have a Sony camcorder but I've never even bothered to look at any disks that might have come with it. I should have a look to see if I can replace what you lost. Keep reminding me to check if you still have troubles.

    As an aletrnative though, try a demo copy of Premiere Elements (or similar) to see if you problems disapear. If so then you might decide it's worth the money to stick with it.

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