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Thread: Videographer / Camera Operator Needed For Music Video

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    Default Videographer / Camera Operator Needed For Music Video

    Hey Guys

    We need a Camera Operator (in London), with ideas for a song we have, to film us for a music video.

    The song is about a large girl who wants to become famous but due to her sheer size, she experiences alot of drawbacks.

    Its a very tongue and cheek project so I think you will have fun filming it!
    Most of the video will be shot infront of a green chroma screen (which we will rent independant of filming costs).

    We just need the moving footage as we have an editor.

    We can only afford to pay a maximum of 200 for filming. This is not negotiable I'm afraid.

    You must have examples of your work on demand.

    A HD camera is preferable

    Below are examples of videos we think would suit our song.

    Please get in touch if interested.


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    Hi there, I run a small production outfit catering for low budget and aspiring musicians/talent.
    I think you'd be hard pushed to get HD for 200 (although you did only say preferable)
    I can supply green screen and single camera DV shoot for 8 hours for that fee.

    see our website

    Greg Ullah

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    Anyone charging more for HDV over DV is a rip off merchant. Real HD - understandable obviouisly.

    But 200 is joke money for anyone except dim students.

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    Do all your videos look like adverts for apple products? This is not a good thing for 99% of people.

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