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    Default Problem with Video length

    I am new to Sony Vegas so am still learning at the moment. I have imported a mpg video which is 19mins 25secs long. The video is fine in Vegas but when I add it to DVD Architect the video is still the same length i.e. 19:25 but when I preview it there is approx 1min 30seconds missing at the end. ?? I though it might have something to do with fps but have tried different settings to no avail. The current setting is 25. I have scoured the forum and internet but have have not found anybody else having the same issue. Any ideas anybody?

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    You did do another render after you edited, didn't you ?

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    Thanks for your reply, yes i did render after editing.

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    On the right hand side of your DVDA timeline, there is a grey area. You can drag the edge of it into your media file to shorten it. Have you checked that it's as far to the right as possible? May have got dragged accidentaly.

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    It's as far to the right as it will go. What i can't understand is how the video is the correct length. It's the same length as the video in vegas but has about 90secs missing from the end.

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    It's due to frame dragging - a second order effect of general relativity I think.

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    Does it play to the end in say Windows media player?

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    Thanks for your suggestions Archie.

    The yellow marker to the right wouldn't go any further so it was back to the drawing board.

    I have been experimenting with importing the video. Previously I used VOB2MPG to convert the clip but today I tried "Import DVD Camcorder Disc" and this appears to have solved the problem. I had tried this before but it didn't work(I must have done something wrong).

    I'll try a few more videos to make sure it works o.k. and stick to the same procedure once I know it works. o.k.

    Once again many thanks for your help.

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