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Thread: WIN 7 64 bit OS

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    Default WIN 7 64 bit OS

    I am running prety well until now WINDOWS 7 64 bit Operating System and I cannot install the Panasonic HD Writer 1.0 (I got with my Panasonic HDC HS300 camera) in order to download video.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    In theory you should not need this application to download video content. Windows should see your camera as an external harddrive when connected. Browse to the video content by going to Private > avchd > bdmv > stream.

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    And in my albeit not huge experience OEM software is nearly always totally superfluous, at best useless and at worst will screw your pc.

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    hands off, I guess its windows 7 driver compatibility issue.

    you may go to panasonic site and download for window 7 driver or at least the latest one. This thing is common for new OS.

    I hope it helps.


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