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Thread: Blu Ray disc questions to all.

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    Default Blu Ray disc questions to all.

    Hi, my name is Harry from I would like to ask all videographers some general questions for research so any help would be great.

    For some reason it did not let me add more questions: s. Well the questions are below I am not sure how to add them. (If someone can add them that would be great)

    Questions are for Blu ray disc users:

    1) Which disc do you use the most? BD-r 2x / 4x / 6x?
    2) How many discs on average do you use per month? 1-10 / 11-50 / 51-100 / 100-200 / 200+
    3) Do you buy in packs single 1ís 10ís 25ís 50ís 100ís or 100+ Bulk order
    4) What type of disc surface do you buy? Unbranded / Branded / White printable surface
    5) What price do you pay for a pack of 10 BD-r 4x? £0-£15 / £16-30 / £31-£60 / £61-£100 / £101-£150 / £150+

    Thank you for all the help
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Questions are for Blu ray disc users:

    1) Do you use Blank Blu Ray disc? Yes / No
    Spot what's wrong with the above

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    I will edit it!

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    So you want us to do your market research?
    I charge £250 an hour consultancy fees - can work via phone.

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