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Thread: Sony Handycam - Saving content - Please Help!

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    Default Sony Handycam - Saving content - Please Help!

    Hi all,

    Well new to this forum and to camcorders. Perhaps some of you may help.

    I recently bought and Sony XR 105 Hi def/HDD camcorder. Read the reviews about it - all looked good so went ahead with the purchase.

    The camcorder itself is great, very pleased. My problems started when trying to view the content on my home cinema system.

    I didn't realise that Sony (and Panasonic?) save the HD quality as AVCHD format and as such requires a Blue-Ray player or Sony ps3 to view on the tv. Now I can play the camcorders content on the TV in hi def with the HDMI, how ever an 80 gig hard drive won't last long. I tried using a memory stick plugged into the home cinema system - no luck. Same with disks.

    Fair enough, so I thought, well could I try and store the AVCHD files on my pc to save the camcorders hard drive filling up then put them back on the camcorder to view on tv via HDMI? - at least then I have Hi Def files stored untill I buy a Blue ray player some point in the future. NO, sony wont let me store the files on the pc and then put them back on camcorder - at least I couldn't find a way to.....

    Can anyone offer any advice, hints, tricks or solutions please????

    I have run a search on here but not found anything.

    Appologies for the long winded 1st post!

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    There are really two viable options available to you: convert your footage or buy a blu ray player.

    Converting your footage

    To play your HD content on your current player, you will need to downconvert to SD and most likely author a DVD. This will be both time-consuming and reduce your quality.

    Blu Ray players

    Some players such as Panasonic DMP-BD30 - Blu Ray Disc Player - Black: Electronics & Photo come with in built AVCHD functionality.

    The DMP-BD30 comes equipped with a slot for SD cards. Just take the SD card from your digital still camera or HD camcorder, and you‘re ready to view HD photos and motion images on your TV.
    Recommend that you do a bit of research to find out whether you need to create a file structure on the SD card.

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