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    ok here is the situation, I'm very new to the video editing thing. I only shot ! video and I posted on here and you guys gave me great feed back to use so thanks on that part but my lighting and clairty is not where I want it.

    I have a Sony HDR CX100. It did not come with a on camera light so I brought a 35w on camera light with the in door and out door filters.

    I edit with sony vegas platinum 9.

    Here is the problem. I'm not ready to upgrade my camera yet but I still want to get the high def results that the camera says it gives. I read that more lighting would make my video less grainy and I see that these professional light are atleast 500 watts and cost a lot.

    Can I just go to home depot and get one of those 500w or 1000w outside lamps, then pick up a filter for shooting inside??

    here is the video I shot and edited

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    Firstly, I don't know the Sony camera and I don't use Vegas, so these answers are generic.

    Outdoors you shouldn't need lights if the weather is fine, but a decent sized reflector will help a lot to fill shadows in. Take a look at the Lastolite range and they can be had on e-bay at reasonable prices.
    The shots on the roof would have benefitted from one. You'll need an assistant to manipulate it, or at least some sort of stand to mount it on.

    Indoors, halogen 500w lights are fine. Check your camera manual to see if it has a 'white Balance' control and shoot a couple of test clips to check which setting gives the best colour with the lights. Aim to get at least three to give you some control and play around to get the best effect. You'll find plenty of lighting tutorials on the web with three light setups.

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    That's good advice from Ian, I use 500w work lights. Which I have found to be a bit limiting in that they are not directional but will give that light lift you need to help you get the best out of your camera.

    Another important thing to do is learn how to use the manual settings of your camera. Make sure you have the lighting and focus set up right before you start shooting. see what the different frame rates will do to the look of the movie etc....

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