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Thread: Capturing a small bit of a full length DVD?

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    Default Capturing a small bit of a full length DVD?

    I have an actor friend that I'm editing a reel for. He's in one scene in American Gangster, so I don't wan't to have to capture the entire film. Is it possible to just do his portion? Thanks so much.

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    Simples! How are you going to 'capture' though? What programme?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archie View Post
    Simples! How are you going to 'capture' though? What programme?
    I meant import? I have vegas 8 btw. Can you import just a little or must it be the entire disc?

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    I doubt that the 'import DVD' option will work with a commercial disc, it's bound to have copy protection. I believe it will only import a whole disc anyway. (Ulead DVD Workshop2 gives you the option to import individual chapters). The first thing I'd try is copying the whole disc onto your HD, then rename the .vob files to .mpg
    Vegas should be able to edit them just as normal .mpg's.

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