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Thread: Problems with Sharp VL-E630U ViewCam

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    Default Problems with Sharp VL-E630U ViewCam

    I have had my ViewCam for about 4 years. I only tape around the house, or special occasions with my family. No major taping at all.
    I recently taped my daughter outside riding her bike and the viewcam appeared to be taping just fine, but when I went to play it back, there was nothing but static. So I tried to view several other tapes and all of them are static. (Tapes that I had recorded last year would not play back, even though I know there's footage on them.)
    Does anyone know what causes this problem and if there's a fix?

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    Sounds like you might need to try cleaning the heads, you can buy a head-cleaning tape that you put in your camera to do this. Available at most high street Photo/electronics shops.

    Or you can buy some video-head cleaning fluid stuff and use it with a cotton-bud to carefully clean the heads of the camera yourself. I had to do this because they didn't have an 8mm head cleaner tape in the shop.
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    Wow, that sounds easy enough. I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the info.

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