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    Well im more into sound right now and this is the lastest project i have worked on as the sound guy. Its about the relation between Quebec and France. Theyre are some subtitles in english just for you guys.

    I did not talk to the editors about his work in post-production, I think he did a good job ( but i would love to see his EQ and everything ... )
    We are talking about selling the final product on national France tv.
    Any comments ... ?
    Television Technician
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    Sorry for my bad english im french

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    Very professional trailer - excellent.

    maybe felt a bit sparse for a trailer in last quarter - could be cut or more action / screen info / vo added I would suggest.

    Probably not applicable as subs just for us but that was a nasty font.

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    It looks well put together, well made, sounds good, right music, all the right ingredients.

    Good job.

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    Looks and sounds good.

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    Thanks alot !

    I know someone who is working at technicolor in montreal at the color correction department, we maybe use his service to make the final color correction because you can see a lot of overexposed spot, and to give a better look.

    They do some magic at technicolor your know. But thanks for the comments, i told the editor that these subtitles ..... dosent really work whit no drop shadow ...
    Television Technician
    - My Videos -
    Sorry for my bad english im french

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    It wasnt the shadow - it was the wrong typeface for subtitles - and were too big.

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