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Thread: Ulead Media Studio 7 capture problems

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    Default Ulead Media Studio 7 capture problems

    Hi everybody, yet another novice seeking help. I used to edit video8 and Hi8 years ago but found the whole process very tedious.

    I have 60 odd Hi8 tapes to convert to DV so bought a new "Multi Media" PC with a TV card and firewire/compsite video and super video sockets both front and back.

    I used the bundled software (windows movie maker and Intervideo WinDVD) both worked well and had no problem capturing analogue and DV tapes. However I feel both are a bit basic.

    I purchased Ulead Video Studio 8 which crashed on selecting anything to with the Hauppauge PVR PCI capture card. I thought I would contact tech support and at the same time upgraded to Media Studio 7. Tech support did answer the phone but said they would need to contact Taiwan?? Needless to say I have not heard anything from them.

    With high expectations I loaded MS7 but the same problem occurs, in fact the only way to load the capture program is to disable the capture card otherwise it crashes on startup.

    It works fine with a DV camcorder but the bulk of my work is with analogue material.

    System P4 3.20 GHz 149gb dedicated removable drive 1.00 gb ram WINXP - My system reports service pack 1 but I downloaded and installed Service pack 2 so am a bit confused there. I am currently reloading service pack 2 just in case it has something to do with that.

    Any help would be appreciated


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    I would invest in a reasonably expensive analogue to digital convertor such those on offer from canopus.
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    Default Canopus


    I have ordered a canopus 110 which hopefully will arrive today. I will post the results.

    It seems a bit odd though that Media Studio 7 will not work with an analogue capture device.


    Update, the Canopus 110 is superb, I can now capture with Ulead Media Studio and after 3 hours of use I am editing at last.


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