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Thread: Please Help Me...My Video has no Audio...Why???

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    Question Please Help Me...My Video has no Audio...Why???


    I really hope someone can help me.

    I have Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11. My computer is completely capable.

    I have made about 6 movies so far that have all been perfectly fine with full audio.

    I recorded a play... The Nutcracker... with my HD Sony recorder.

    I started Pinnacle

    I took the video from the camera to the computer.

    I edited out scenes and added Title to the beginning and end with transitions.

    While the video is editing I can hear the audio from the play just as normal.

    I finished editing and used the option to make the movie in safe mode. This is where it saves it and then burns it to a disc.

    When it was finished I went to watch it and it had no audio.

    I tried again using the saved movie (which I listened to the audio on my computer)and burned it to a completely different brand of DVD.

    Still no Audio.

    What has happened? I haven't changed any settings. Everything I did was just as I have always done it.

    Please please help, I have to make this movie and make copies for other parents.


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    Just to confirm you have got sound on the video that is saved on your disk but when you use it to burn on to a DVD the sound wound play back on your TV ? Will the actual DVD that you burned play on your computer with sound ?

    I'm just trying to establish if it's your DVD player/TV problem or computer/DVD problem.

    Could you try using another burning program to make the DVD using the files that Pinnacle made if you are sure there is sound on these files ?
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    It is a long time since I have used pinnacle but I think you will find there is a setting deep in the menu system that needs to be changed

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    Try a lower write speed in make movie/settings.

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